The John W. and Rose E. Watson Foundation

Scholarship Overview and Application Process

Due to the complexity of the forms involved in the application process we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for the application process.

Qualifications for Scholarships

The JOHN W. AND ROSE E. WATSON FOUNDATION makes available financial aid in the form of a scholarship grant for higher education to deserving students.

Any student who is a senior in a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Saginaw* is eligible for this scholarship.

The money received must be used by the student to finance his or her education in an institution of higher learning (e.g. a private or public university, college, school of nursing, etc.).

The aid will not be in the form of a loan but will be an outright grant or gift. The amount given will be based on the student's need, academic achievement, community involvement, work ethic, church involvement, and the resources of the Foundation. It should be pointed out, however, that the Watson Foundation, like most scholarship funds, will not pay the student's complete expenses. Consideration will be given to requests from college students who ask that their Watson Foundation aid be continued.

The Watson Foundation reserves the right to determine the candidate or candidates who will receive the aid and its decision is final.

The grant or grants will be made on the basis of applications which candidates submit via the online forms provided on the Foundation website. Aid will be granted in the light of the student's need, desire for higher education, academic standing, personality rating, participation in school activities, etc.

The Watson Foundation Scholarship Application Process:

  1. Obtain a "scholarship password" from your school Counselor.
  2. Using that password, sign in and setup a "personal profile."
  3. Complete the online Scholarship Application Form.
  4. Have your parents complete "The Parent Financial Statement" online.
  5. After all forms are complete, notify the Scholarship Committee.
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Resetting Lost Password

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